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This online business software is putting an end to staff roster issues and endless hours of administration. We recently caught up with Kristin from the Deputy team to tell us more about their cool system.

Tell us a little about Deputy

Deputy is an all-in-one, rostering (rota), time & attendance, communication and tasking platform designed to simplify and streamline your staff management processes. How can Deputy help small business owners? Deputy tasks the pain out of managing your staff attendance with intuitive and innovative software at an affordable price. We streamline time consuming administrative tasks enabling small business owners to be more efficient. What industries is Deputy best for? Deputy is suitable for any industry that needs to schedule staff and/or collect time and attendance data. For example – Hospitality, Security, Service Industries, Health Care, Aged Care, Child Care, Retail to name a few. What are the common stress points or speed bumps you see in these industries, and what advice can you give to help people avoid them? Staff management can be a time consuming affair where many hours are wasted organising the correctly trained staff to roles in conjunction with ensuring those staff members are actually available for the shift , with Deputy’s training and availability settings you can be assured that you will always assign the right person to the role. What can take hours will now be done in minutes. Deputy will also give you labour costs upfront so you will know what the week will cost before it hits payroll, this information is collated as you build your roster (rota) thus ensuring tighter control of where your cashflow is going. We’re big fans of Xero accounting software, can you tell us how does the integration works between the two? If you are a service based organisation that needs to send clients bills on hours of worked performed, Deputy make this a seamless task. Once you have approved the timesheets in Deputy you can simply push them to Xero with a click and have a draft invoice auto populated. No more double handling of data and reducing the opportunities for human error. Do you think cloud software is changing the way small businesses are run? Deputy is 100% cloud and that is for a good reason, we believe that business costs are significantly reduced by using cloud applications. No longer does the business need to invest in server based hardware, maintenance and backup of data. Cloud applications have the ability to seamlessly integrate with one another thus saving the business time and money previously spent in double handling data. More and more business tools are now cloud and this growth is set to be a future standard. If a business wants to find out more about Deputy, what’s the best way of doing so? Deputy has many resellers around the globe so please get in touch with your nearest or contact Deputy directly, you can send us an email on sales@deputy.com or chat to us online at www.deputy.com Do you have any specials that you’d like to share? Deputy offers all new customers a 30 day no commitment free trial, jump in and get started today.
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