We recently entered a Sidekick Duck in the The Great Canterbury Duck Race 2021!

To support Life Education and the crucial work they do around the New Zealand community, we sponsored a duck in this years Great Canterbury Duck Race. The ducks were all simultaneously dropped into the Avon and raced towards the finish line a few hundred meters down the river. Our little Sidekick Duck was off to a blistering start and was cruising through the pack moving towards the front, but as the race went on he got a bit stuck in a big group of ducks, meaning we finished in a solid middle of the pack position. It’s fantastic to get out and about amongst the business community in Christchurch supporting such an important cause! If you’d like to donate, here’s the link to the donation page on their new website!

This year we’ve been active in supporting Life Education because we think they’re a really great organisation that supports our most vulnerable people in such challenging times. They do great work all around the country, and if you’re interested you can read about Ric’s previous fundraising efforts here.

Check out a few photos below that capture the process of turning our duck into a Sidekick! It took a fair few coats of paint to get it to the perfect shade of pink and then a bit of super glue to get his accessories to stay on while he was out on the river, but in the end it came out pretty good!