Last month, we took an incredible trip as a team through the Mt Aspiring National Park 🗻

We flew into the hut, which meant we got to do an incredible low flight through a lush valley before landed on grass landing strip. We then did a day walk to Lake Crucible (which was stunning) and then stayed in the hut together as a team. The next morning we walked to the top of the valley through tussocks and forests before getting on a jetboat and being (reluctantly) taken home out of this beautiful landscape and back to civilization. Such a variety of activities in 24 hours made for an incredible whirlwind trip!

Shoutout to Siberia Experience for putting together this amazing experience – our team absolutely loved it and are hoping to come back one day soon. 

Attached are some awesome photos from our trip 📸

If you’re looking from a team bonding activity we couldn’t recommend this highly enough!