If you’re a user of SmartPayroll, you may have noticed they have recently rebranded to Smartly. This article outlines the changes and new features, and what this means for you as a user.

Many of our clients use Smartly (formerly SmartPayroll), so we’ve put together a summary of the recent changes they’ve undergone so you’re aware of what’s new:

  • New design and website structure – They have updated the look and organisation of their website to fit with the Smartly rebrand. It may be best to go and familiarise yourself with the new site to make sure you can still easily navigate it and find all the features you need. 
  • New online help center – To help customers deal with these changes they’ve introduced a new online help center to answer your questions and provide guides for their new features. Click here to have a look. 
  • New payroll plans – There are now new payroll plans now which aim to meet a wider variety of business needs. It may be worth looking at what plan you’re on and checking that it still does everything you need it to. 
  • New features – This update also includes a number of new features. There’s a new mobile app for employees which is available to download in the Appstore, as well as new a web portal for managers. In the app, employees can submit leave applications and timesheets, as well as view payslips. The old SmartPayroll app will no longer work, so it’s important to download the Smartly app and to relay this message onto any employees who use the app too. 

To minimise any disruption to your payroll and maximise the new features, it’s best to familiarise yourself with all of these changes. There are plenty of guides available on their website as well as helpful video which runs through what’s new. If you have any more questions about these changes and how they’ll impact you, feel free to reach out