Last month we launched our brand new Sidekick website! There’s a whole new interface to explore everything Sidekick has to offer – including all our Covid-19 updates.

Over the last few months, we’ve noticed that our web presence didn’t reflect our brand or the services we offer, so we set out to change that! With the help of Digital Journey, we’ve built this brand new site from the ground up which encapsulates everything we stand for as a brand, as well as the wide variety of business services we offer.

All four of our business offerings are now all together in one site; Accounting & business services, Rural services, Cloud support and Legal services. We do more than your normal accountancy business, offering a broad variety of services that allow us to be your Sidekick in many different facets of business.

We’re constantly updating the news section with the latest Covid-19 info. We’ve got info about all the dates and requirements about the wage subsidy, employment FAQ’s, helpful SidekickTV video updates and plenty more available in our news section. There’s also a fantastic new booking system, so if you want to organise a catch up with somebody from the team head on over and check it out! We are still doing meetings during lockdown, they’ll just be either over the phone or on zoom!

We owe Digital Journey a huge thank you, as they’ve been an absolute delight to work along side. They made the process of creating a new site so easy, and allowed us to spend more time doing what we do best while they handled all the tricky stuff. Thanks DJ!

Our new site is – so make sure to head on over and have a browse for yourself!