On 7th August, Ric is taking part in the Resilience Ultra in Reefton, raising money for the Life Education Trust!

With the event now only a month away, Ric has just started cracking into his training (mostly due to an unfortunately timed concussion about a month ago). This means he’s going to need extra donations to combat his lack of training and keep his morale high and his legs moving as he edges towards the big day! If you’re keen to support, here’s the link to the donation page!

We also recently had a visit from Harold, the iconic Life Education Giraffe, in the Christchurch office. He came in to meet the team, answer some phone calls, and even check out his Xero Ledger in a meeting with Ric! 

We’ll have more updates with Ric’s training and fundraising as the event draws closer, but for the mean time have a look at the photos below of Harold and Ric (and don’t forget to donate)!