Over the weekend Ric completed the Reefton Resilience ultra marathon – raising money for the Life Education Trust!

Ric completed the race on Saturday in a grueling 8 hours and 5 minutes! The course had to be changed on race day because conditions were utterly miserable, meaning it totaled 49kms with an elevation of 1400m! Ric said about 5kms of the course were nice running, and the rest was a soggy and painful slog through mud, rivers and mountains! It’s a massive effort from Ric, and the entire Sidekick team is incredibly proud of his accomplishment!

Last week we also hosted our in-office fundraiser for Ric’s run. To get in the spirit, we all donned our red and yellow gear (Life Education’s colours) which included a few eccentric costumes! We also had a table tennis tournament running throughout the day to add a bit of competition and fun. Finally we finished off with a drink and some snacks, as well as a visit from Harold the Giraffe to round off the day!

Ric’s Givealittle page is at over $3600, and if you want to add some congratulatory funds to his tally you can still head over and donate