As Covid is now prevalent in the community, we’ve made a few changes in our office to adapt to the increased risk.

Across the Sidekick group around the South Island, most of our teams are still working in person, physically in the office. Some of our larger teams have split into two groups and are alternating periods in the office as a way to minimise the risk of infection spreading through our whole team. This means all offices are equipped and ready to continue working even in the event of an outbreak within our teams. Working from home is something we’re all used to by now and we can continue with all our usual services virtually if required. 

We’re also holding more virtual meetings now. If you already have a meeting booked with us then we’ll be in touch if that is going to change to a virtual meeting. If you’re looking at booking a meeting with us in the future, the options are flexible. Just let us know what makes you feel comfortable and we’re happy to accommodate you. If you’re thinking of popping into one of our offices, it may be best to call ahead and touch base just to make sure the team member you’re after is actually there. 

Hopefully this outbreak won’t cause you much disruption, and with these steps in place our Sidekick team will always be up and running to assist you when you need it. We hope everyone in our community is staying safe and healthy in these uncertain times. 

If there are any questions of concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch