Figured have recently put out some really helpful updates with some fantastic info for its users.

Bite-sized video clips

Figured have constructed a new series of YouTube clips called “5 minute functions”. If you’re new to Figured or just want to improve your skills on the platform this is a great series of videos we highly recommend you check out. They’re all short clips, so they’re easily digestible and can be beneficial in getting more out of Figured. You can view the full playlist here, but we’ve linked the first video in the series below:

Creating a New Tracker – Five Minute Functions Figured

Product/update announcement

Figured also put out an update with all the changes they’ve introduced in 2021. This includes info about One-Click Reconciling, improvements on Reporting & KPIs, planning improvements, new integrations and more. If you haven’t kept up to date with Figured since you joined, or you’re considering implementing it in your business, you should definitely check out the update here.

If you want help with the process of signing up to figured, feel free to get in touch with us.