Last week the Sidekick Directors all met up again for their quarterly strategy session – this time in Christchurch!

The focus was on unity across the group. We have a a number of skilled and experienced individuals across our group and it’s crucial for us to be working as a cohesive unit so we utilise all these skills. As a group it’s been a disruptive last couple of years and we’ve lost some valuable face-to-face time, which we’re really trying to make up for now.

The director’s also tuned into the 2021 Xero awards livestream last week. We were up for the Large Partner of the year award and the Advisory partner of the year award, and although we didn’t come away with any silverware we were stoked to be nominated in these categories alongside many other amazing firms and experts! It was awesome to celebrate the continuous strides being made in the world of accounting together with other industry leaders. Thanks Xero! 

Working as a unit is crucial to achieving your goals as a business. Communication and a sense of team camaraderie helps keep your business moving in the right direction.