If there’s one thing Rachel knows, it’s how important a trade mark is to a successful business – after more than 20 years specialising in helping people secure their brands (from managing the trade marks team at IPONZ, to inhouse and private practice roles in NZ and the UK) she has lots of tales of people getting it right and getting it very, very wrong.

Rachel founded aRc™ Legal more than six years ago after being frustrated by how little weight small businesses (and in many cases, their advisors) place on identifying and ensuring they own their brand and creative concepts, when this is an essential part of their success. Often this comes down to the perceived cost implications and complexity of IP law, and well… having to talk to a lawyer in the first place!

So she has developed her own creative solutions to help her innovative clients, by deconstructing the normal way of offering legal help, ranging from DIY tools to full “Done for You” legal services and her new “Done with You” services.

One such “Done with You” offering is her BrandBooster™ package which shows people how to check whether their brand is already in use by others, and how to prepare their own trademark strategy. With Rachel checking your work to ensure you’re doing it all right – basically you do all the legwork to keep your costs down, and just bring Rachel in for support and sign off. This package has been a game-changer. Not only is Rachel spending more time on interesting work and less time on administrative tasks, it also helps people understand the work involved in her full “Done For You” services and the value a TM attorney adds to the process, so they make great advocates in the future too! Here at Sidekick we’re currently in the process of completing the BrandBooster™ package and Rachel has been extremely helpful in assisting us in protecting our brand and trademark.

As well as working with her clients on their ideas, Rachel likes to spread the word about the importance of intellectual property at various educational institutions, with roles including: providing IP seminars and workshops for the New Zealand Law Society, the University of Canterbury and Te Wānanga o Aotearoa; helping out as a judge and mentor for the Young Enterprise scheme; mentoring the start ups in the Te Ōhaka incubator and supporting the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship as their IP expert in residence.

Rachel has also just launched a similar service for privacy policies and terms and conditions, and has a number of free templates and guides on her website, including a free IP strategy tool to help you identify, protect and commercialise your awesome ideas. 

If you want to get in touch you can flick her an email here, or check out her website for the full details about all her services and packages!