Everyone wants to start the New Year off with a bang. Here’s our top recommendations to help you do so.

Tip #1 – Set yourself a budget

One simple thing you can do is set yourself a budget. Having a budget means it’s easier to track your personal spending, business spending and cash availability. Having these measurements and tracking processes in place means you can remove some of the uneasiness that comes with uncertainty around your cash.

With Covid-19 induced inflation taking hold, prices for many things are going to be going up. This could include small things like the price of milk or much larger things like your mortgage rates. Knowing how much cash you’ve got coming in and out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis means these changes in prices become much more manageable.

If you’d like help with this task, Sorted is a great website that you can use for personal budgeting. We also offer budgeting as one of our services offerings.

Tip #2 – Review your Business planning – what’s your plan for the year?

Do you have goals for 2022? Almost everybody has something they want to achieve, big or small, but what many people lack is a plan to help them achieve these goals. It’s incredibly difficult to work towards the goals you’ve set out for yourself if you don’t have an action plan. The way to make your own business plan is to think about the big goals you have, and to think about all the incremental little steps that go towards achieving these big goals. This can form a very effective basic business plan. Here at Sidekick, we love to help you map out where you’re going, instead of looking back at where you’ve already been. If you’re struggling to create a business plan on your own, accountability is key. Holding yourself accountable is crucial to achieving goals, and if you struggle to do it yourself you can always turn to someone else to track your progression. Helping hold clients accountable and track their planning is an exercise we love undertaking, so feel free to reach out if you’d like assistance.

Tip #3 – Tidy up your digital assets

Another way to start the year off right is to have a tidy up of your digital assets. Make sure your Facebook page is up to date, your website is functioning properly, you’ve claimed your google business page and have updated it with the correct information. Having these digital assets up to date can help to boost your online presence which will help drive extra engagement/sales to start the new year off with a bang. Another quick and simple tip is to sort out your bookmarks bar. Having your most used apps along the top of your browser is very beneficial when you’re screen sharing in a video call.

Another positive digital step you can make is digitising all your accounting and financial information. Many of you will already use Xero, but there are a number of auxiliary software programmes that can help enhance your experience such as Hubdoc, Figured, Simpro, Vend and many more which you can explore in the Xero App Store. Our Cloud technology expert Josh Wilson is the perfect person to chat to if you want to learn more about these additional apps, so feel free to get in touch.

Tip #4 – Setting a plan for your team

Catching up with your team for the year ahead is a fantastic exercise to undertake at the start of each year. It’s good to sit down with each staff member at the start of the year and touch base about their professional development/goals as well as their wellbeing. We highly recommend booking in some PDP (personal development planning) sessions with each of your employees to help map out their future, and to make sure that their ambition and drive is fueled by your support so they can see a future within your organisation. This can help decrease staff turnover and increase employee satisfaction. Investing in your staff development may have some upfront costs, but it’s going to save you a lot in the long run. The advent of a new year is always a fantastic time to begin this important process.

Tip #5 – Upgrade your technology

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to assess what technology you’re using in your business, and if you’re optimising the myriad of incredible devices now available. If you find that your technology perhaps isn’t up to date and could actually be hindering your progression and daily operation, now may be an opportune time to upgrade. It may finally be time to get rid of the 10 year old laptop or the old clunky desktop and upgrade to something sleeker. We’ve done this within our business, and most of our team is now using new Surface Pro’s with a docking station and two monitors, which enables us to maximise efficiency. Our intelligent decision with our hardware means we get the most out of the intelligent software we have been using for years. It’s absolutely worth looking into and seeing if you can do the same within your business.

If you have any questions in regards to any of these points, feel free to book in a time to sit down with your Sidekick and explore the best ways you can jumpstart the new year!