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Bennetto Natural Foods is all about No Compromise Dark Chocolate for Everybody. They pride themselves on creating great tasting dark chocolates that everybody can enjoy without compromising on flavour, the environment or ethics. Their dark chocolate journey starts in the Amazonian rainforest in Peru and Ecuador. Their beans are carefully nurtured by small-scale farming cooperatives in perfect organic growing conditions to produce a vibrant tasting crop, a quality you will taste in the richness of flavour in all their chocolate. They then collaborate with their partners in Switzerland who guarantee every bar is entirely organic, free from soy, dairy, processing aids, preservatives or additives. For flavour, they only use whole food inclusions such as raspberries, hazelnuts and pure oils like mint and orange to give a true chocolate-eating experience for our all foodies. For the conscious consumer, they work with their manufacturer to plant a timber tree back in the Amazon for every 1000 chocolate bars produced.

Bennetto chocolate is then beautifully wrapped in recyclable packaging made pretty by a pair of Peruvian birds, painted by New Zealand artist, Henrietta Harris. These native Amazonian reference the cocoa source of the ecosystem behind every Bennetto product. This honours their commitment to positively impact our environment, our people and our animals through delicious dark chocolate.

This is chocolate to feel good about – organic, Fairtrade, carbon-neutral, vegan, gluten free and with simple natural ingredients.

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