End of Financial Year – What you Need to Know as a Business Owner

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For most of us, the 31st of March will be the end of our 2014 financial year. We hope it’s been a successful, happy and profitable one for you and your business! Here are some tax tips and helpful information to ensure a smooth end of year process for you.

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End of Tax Year Obligations – What do I need to do?


Budget 2014 Key points for Small Business Owners

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Last Wednesday, Mr Osborne unveiled the Budget for 2014. In case you missed it, here is a summary of the key information and important upcoming changes for small business owners.


Don’t miss out! Get the Advice your Business Needs

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Sometimes all it takes to give your business a boost is a pair of fresh eyes reviewing your business model. Throw in some key financial advice from a Chartered Accountant and the latest insight into cloud software, you might end up with a revolution on your hands!

Providing this kind of advice is just what we love to do. During the last week, we have been all over town helping out with several exciting startup programmes and accelerators. We’ve met some incredibly switched on business owners, and our team dished out some valuable accounting advice that will hopefully help them make a profit and attract investors.